Design is Innovation...

Every year, more than 40 million Americans, change residences, or have the need to move, change, and recreate our spaces... and it takes literally months to sort it all out again. Helping you design your space for you. Aesthetically and affordably.

And in the time of Coronavirus, we are learning to work on our own, and together online and in real time. We know the value of lost community spaces, now more than ever. But we are creating new ones. Inside our homes and out.

We also covet and embrace the repurposing of all old, used and reused material things! Fabrics and furniture and whatever.

Decoupaged Furniture...

In 2001 I started picking up random castoffs and turning them into functional pieces of art... see here:

Tinkercreations Decoupage Furniture here:

About Schemetta ...

Schemetta Online; is my culmination of creative and practical experience. I have a background in vintage and styling, and many creative endeavors. I recently won the Scheinfeld Center, Demo Day new businesses Idea award put on by SBCC and local entreprenuers and investors. I have a Drafting degree, an Interior Design degree. I have worked for builders and contractors, love to do decoupage and owned a vintage retail furniture and clothing store. I am an avid repurposer in all things vintage, old or seeking new life.

Please check out my services page. We can:

  • Draft floor plans, elevations, mechanical and electrical, & schedules.

  • Computer-aided, in AutoCAD, SketchUp and Revit

  • Design synthesis, color theory

  • Sourcing materials and decor within budgets, and within necessary timeframes

  • Spatial planning; consideration of standards and codes.

  • Kitchen & bath remodeling

  • Photoshop, photo editing, mood boards, look books, color correction and graphic design

  • Additional graphic design and other related issues.

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