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Design Plan / Personal Shopper & Budgeting
(too busy to start from scratch? we can do all the hard work and narrow it down for you, or at your command, pick it all out...)

Color Consulting & Pantone Paint Selections
(we can help you choose a color scheme, or even pick your paint for your interior project or even the outside of you house...)

Space Planning & Floor Plans
(We can help plan your ADA, Kitchen Remodel or Bathroom Remodel too...)

Lighting Plans & Ideas
(we can help you come up with a daytime plan and a nightime plan...)

Wall Art; Window Treatments; Home Office; Storage Ideas, Niche Solutions... (Describe below...)
(what to do with your windows? a blank wall? need a plan around a new big screen TV? small space, but need a place to work?)

3d Rendering


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9. What is the lighting like in this room? From what side of the room does the sun rise, and where does it set?:

10. Do you prefer the City or the Countryside? Beach or Mountains?:

11. Cozy Craftsman or Modern Minimalism...? Further describe what you perceive as your aesthetic life style:

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